Challenging situations demand the highest calibre of performance.

A product failure in the field can put life and limb at risk. That’s why clients in the defence industry turn to Enduron. With our many in-house processes, we have proven that we can meet tight turnaround times and exacting standards. We can also fulfill our clients’ high need for supplier accountability through our Lot and Part Traceability service. Even if your project needs materials sourced from the other side of the world or military parts moved across the border, we can deliver on time and to perfection. All our work is backed by our robust ISO9000 quality-assurance system. Around here, we say, “We make quality when quality matters most.” And it’s in this line of work that our promise truly shines.




Reliability and technical expertise are always required in the rail industry.

Enduron is ready to deliver on those needs while providing superior quality and value. If you need a team that can meet your specs with 100% accuracy, we can do that. But what sets us apart is our in-house team of rail experts. We’ll work with you to create the best design possible through rigorous testing, while raising standards across the industry. For example, we have a 0.00% failure rate on our innovative bungalows. They’ve proven to be lightning-resistant and leak proof. This only comes from years and years of dedicated service to the rail industry, perfecting every aspect of design to withstand the harshest conditions.




When it comes to your project, we’re up for any challenge.

We’ll never say “We’re only a metal fabrication company” and leave you without a complete solution. From start to finish, we’re ready to find creative answers, even when other companies have tried and failed. Most of the processes you need are completed in-house at Enduron. That means tasks that normally take weeks can be completed in a matter of days or even hours. If you have a technical problem, and it seems like there’s no way around it, give us a call. Chances are good that we have an answer.




We are able to handle most agriculture projects in a short period of time.

Most of our work in the agriculture industry involves tube bending. As we build our impressive inventory of bend tools, we are able to handle most tube bending projects in a short time period by eliminating the 2-3 month tooling creation period. This makes us the quick go-to for tube bending in North America.